company profile

  Welcome to Horizon Aluminum!

    As a leading Aluminum fabricator and distributor in China, Horizon
Aluminum is committed to offer high quality Aluminum products from
China to the world.

    With our team of experienced professionals and in-house
manufacturing expertise, Horizon Aluminum possesses the most
advanced aluminum extruding and processing capabilities up to date. We have customers from countries and regions like North America,
European countries, South America, like Chile, Brazil, Argentina,
Middle east, Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan, Russia and South
Africa etc.  Detail…

Our core Aluminum products include:

  1. Common & marine alloy coil, sheet and plate;
  2. Aluminum foil;
  3. Industrial and structural extrusions – Mill, anodized
    and painted finishes;
    –Comprehensive fabrication services;
    –Extensive dies available for Service Center standards;
  4. Seamless extruded and structural tubes;
  5. Large sized custom extrusion, extrusion die;

Contact us:

Qingdao Horizon Aluminum Co., Ltd.
Add: No.568,Jinggangshan Rd, E&T Zone, Qingdao, People’s Republic of China 266555
Tel: 0086-532-80980961 80980962              Fax: 0086-532-80980963
Cell: 0086-13583210081
Contact person: Mr. Steve Zhao (General Manager)
Email 1:
Contact person: Ms. Linda Zhang (Marketing Manager)
Email 2: 
Contact person: Ms. Annie Sun (Customer Service Manager)
Email 3:


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